Student Prize

The IAAE will award a 500 USD prize for the best paper presented by a graduate student in a regular or poster session. To be eligible, candidates' paper submissions should be followed up by a letter from a professor certifying that the submitter is a graduate student in good standing. Papers co-authored with senior economists will not be considered. The paper should be submitted at the conference website. The letter should be submitted electronically to Marcelle Chauvet at . The subject line must be 2018 IAAE Student Prize Award. The winner will be announced during the conference.

Past Conferences

IAAE 2017 Annual Conference – Hotel Emisa Sapporo, 26-30 June,2017
IAAE 2016 Annual Conference – University of Milan-Bicocca, 22-25 June 2016
IAAE 2015 Annual Conference – University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, 25-27 June 2015
IAAE 2014 Annual Conference – Queen Mary University of London, June 26-28, 2014