IAAE Board of Directors

M. Hashem Pesaran (University of Southern California and University of Cambridge)- Director and Founding Member
Marcelle Chauvet (Department of Economics, University of California Riverside) - Director
Thierry Magnac (Toulouse School of Economics, University of Toulouse)
Barbara Rossi (ICREA-Universitat Pompeu Fabra, BGSE and CREI) - Director
Edward Vytlacil (Yale University) - Director and Founding Member
Mark Watson (Department of Economics, Princeton University)
Jonathan Wright (Department of Economics, Johns Hopkins University)
Badi H. Baltagi (Syracuse University) - Past Director and Founding Member
Tim Bollerslev (Duke University) - Founding Member
Fabio Canova (European University Institute and Robert Schumann Center for Advanced Studies) - Past Director)
Francis X. Diebold (University of Pennsylvania) - Founding Member
Herman van Dijk (Econometric Institute, Erasmus School of Economics) - Founding Member
James MacKinnon (Queen’s University) - Founding Member
Thierry Magnac (Toulouse School of Economics, Université de Toulouse) - Founding Member
Lucrezia Reichlin (London Business School) - Founding Member
Edward Vytlacil (Yale University) - Founding Member
Melvyn Weeks (University of Cambridge) - Founding Member

Program & Scientific Committees

Marcelle Chauvet, Professor, University of California Riverside, and Director of IAAE
Thierry Magnac, Professor, Toulouse School of Economics, and Director of IAAE
Hashem Pesaran, John Elliot Distinguished Chair of Economics, and Director of USC Dornsife Institute of New Economic Thinking, University of Southern California, and Director of IAAE
Barbara Rossi, Professor, ICREA-Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona GSE, CREI, and Director of IAAE
Edward Vytlacil, Professor, Yale University, Director of IAAE
Mark Watson, Howard Harrison and Gabrielle Snyder Beck Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University, and Director of IAAE
Jonathan Wright, Professor, Johns Hopkins University, and Director of IAAE

Local Organizers
Alain Guay, University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM)
Dalibor Stevanovic, University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM)
Benoit Perron, University of Montreal

Program Chairs
Giorgio Primiceri, Northwestern University
Stephane Bonhomme, University of Chicago